– every resident of Hawaii

Hello, good-bye, & love in one word. The sharing of breath. It just doesn’t get better than that. Even though my time here has not been long, it has felt more like home to me than anywhere I’ve ever been.

There are a thousand thousand love songs for these islands. As I prepare to move away and embark on the next chapter of my adventure, they are all in my head and heart.

I hope my path brings me back here someday. But if not, my gratitude for my time here will still continue. My gratitude for the healing energy here. For Pele’s still-growing island that has inspired more growth in me than I ever expected. For my new ohana of amazing and wonderful people. For the noisy and awesome trade winds. For the honu who swam up to me on my first day in the ocean. For this aina and everyone and everything on it.

Mahalo for indulging my little post of gratitude.