a nomad who likes to nest

Since starting The Bacana Plan in 2007, I have lived in (and run the company from) New York, Los Angeles, the Big Island of Hawaii, and now London. By the end of 2016, I will add Australia to that list.

I am a nomad. But I am a slow nomad. And a nomad who likes to nest.

I like my daily routines and my home space arranged just so. And then I like to lean into the unknown, change the venue, and find how my routines fit (or don’t) in the new locale.

It’s an exercise in balancing routines & habits with constant change. Embracing those things that bring me comfort while opening my arms wide to things that may test that comfort.

Is it any wonder that one of my personal favorite words is dichotomy?

I’m a nomad who likes to nest. What’s the contradiction in your life? And how do you balance it?

(If the “i” in my name were a “d”, it’d be the perfect anagram for this post!)