a bit of inspiration to transform tension into balance

riffing with our readers…

Our client Michelle sent us this photo. I immediately thought back to Liz’s post on finding a getaway moment in the city. This is a fascinating alternate view of the same statue. In Liz’s post, the photo is focused on the statue of Gandhi, surrounded by lush greenery — a refuge from the surrounding bustle right in the middle of it.

Here, we see the city, and the lush greenery is missing, waiting for spring to come. This feels contemplative to me, a portrait of a figure in both worlds of green and of concrete, all blanketed by snow. The worlds collide and mix, and, in the center, a man is quiet and present. He looks where his next step will be, but he is neither over-proud nor bowed down.

In my world, I am quite aware of the busy-ness of my work, chores, responsibilities, etc. I cultivate the moments of quiet and mindfulness within that, but there remains a tension.

This photo is of a place I know well, a very busy place. The Whole Foods in the background is always massively busy, and you can see people traipsing in and out of the subway. Yet there is a peace, an ability for the quiet and bustle to live together without, or with little, tension. It is an image I hope to keep in mind as I continue to work towards balance in my own life.

What about you? What do you see in the photo? What does it bring up for you?