whistle while you work

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
– Anne Frank

Running errands is not always, um, pleasurable. But on one particular early morning, I went inside the post office in my town and heard from the back room a man enthusiastically singing ’60’s music while sorting through the piles of mail. The woman at the register smiled and said, “He does this every morning.” The guy in line ahead of me said, “It’s catchy, isn’t it? The good mood is catchy.”

Later that same day, I was in a very crowded grocery store in Manhattan. The man who was scanning my items was absolutely beaming. He asked, “How are you?” I said simply, “I’m good, thanks. How are you?” He grinned big and said, “I’m wonderful. I woke up today and I had a job to go to.” I said, “Well, that is wonderful. And, you know what, you just made my day better. Thanks.” He was genuinely thrilled about that.

Next time I’m feeling sour or rushed or anxious, I’m going to remember those men and, I hope, make a shift into a better mood. Because it makes a difference to everyone around me. Doesn’t it?