where the time goes

I have embarked on a creative project that will require hundreds of hours of my time in order to reach a completion point. Some days, it is easy for me to devote hours to it. Other days, however, things “come up” and this creative project is first to get pushed aside.

I am sitting here contemplating how to address this problem. Because…
A) this project is and has to be completely self-motivated
B) things will always come up.

I’m thinking goal posts would help. With deadlines. Yes, goal posts with deadlines. So, instead of “this project will be completed in six months,” it becomes “phase A will be completed by the end of the month, phase B by the end of the following month, etc.” And if I have to make sacrifices (and not be available for the things that “come up”) in order to reach those goal posts, so be it.

I know it would also help if I shared my goal post deadlines with a friend to hold me accountable to the dates I set. And perhaps I could reward myself in some way after each goal post is met.

It’s really all about priorities, isn’t it?