preparation is a gift

Two elderly sisters who I considered my chosen family died recently, within thirteen days of one another, at ages 89 and 94. I was Health Care Proxy and had to make crucial end-of-life decisions for both. I was also named the chief Executor for both of their Estates. And, during their last years, I served as Power of Attorney for both, overseeing property sales, taxes, and payroll for their caregivers. I have done and will continue to do an extensive amount for these ladies.

I share all of this here to point out the simple fact that they legally assigned these roles to me years before they became necessary. I am the one who, lovingly, had “the big talk” with each of them. They resisted discussing the inevitable, yes. But, ultimately, they were relieved to have the conversation, and so was I.

For you and for your loved ones – talk about it all! Now! When it can be a calm and thoughtful conversation!

Who will make medical decisions on your behalf?
Would you like extreme measures to be taken or are you a DNR/DNI?
Cremation or burial? Where would you like your remains to be placed?
What are important elements to any memorial service or funeral given in your honor?
Is your Will updated to your liking?
Who have you named Power of Attorney?

The two sisters preparing for the inevitable was a wonderful gift that they gave to me and to themselves. In the midst of grief, in the midst of tough decision-making, in the midst of tasks galore – there was a sense of ease. Everything that needed to be done, every duty that needed to be assigned – had been planned for long ago.

No matter your age, no matter your health, no matter your marital status – NOW is the time.

Preparation is a gift.