me trusting me

riffing with our readers…

The subject today, folks, is Trust. That’s a big subject so I’ve taken the liberty of capitalizing the first letter. Thoughts from Marina, a Bacana client:

“Contemplating Trust. That everything is always perfect and right. Practicing turning moments of self-judgment on their head to recognize, instead, my own brilliance.”

What’s so lovely to me about this contemplation (and with the anecdote she shared with Naomi and me) is that it’s specifically about self-trust. She witnessed the self-judgment, sat in it for a while, then lifted her head out of that mirky water and claimed self-trust instead.

What comes up for me when I think about self-trust are those times where I realized, “Uh-oh, I made a bad decision,” and then having to go through all the yucky after-effects of that bad decision while regret (a form of self-judgment) pulsated through my head and gut. Self-trust did almost always show up eventually, though sometimes it was years later. That sense of Trust said, “Wow. What a great lesson that ‘bad’ decision was for me. It was rough going through it but now I’m grateful for those lessons.”

How does the notion of moving from self-judgment to self-trust resonate with you?