gazing at or out the window

My 92-year-old friend doesn’t get this whole computer thing. I can be actively typing or reading something on the screen, and she’ll start telling me a story or asking me questions. She doesn’t understand that I am enveloped by an alternate universe in the form of a laptop. Thankfully, when I am in her company, I usually don’t even have my computer with me. We enjoy gazing out real windows together. “Look at that, Elizabeth!”

Many of us under the age of 92 can get so consumed by the world that the computer contains, sometimes losing a sense of time and space. What a good reminder it is that we can take a little break from that world by simply looking out a window. Any real window will do. The eyes and the mind stretch open to see what there is to see and a new perspective is gained in just a few minutes. How refreshing!

p.s. Do you see the rainbow?