a slithery happenstance

“Every great story seems to begin with a snake.”
– Nicholas Cage

I was recently on an epic uphill hike in Los Angeles with a longtime friend. During our descent, we happened upon a snake in our path. I immediately had a sense of joy and wonder, so, thankfully, I was walking ahead of my friend because she stopped suddenly, frozen in fear, unwilling to continue on the path as long as the snake remained an obstacle.

I approached the snake, pretty sure it was a harmless garter but still keeping a safe distance. I kindly asked it to move away. The snake did so! I encouraged my friend to come closer and marvel at the gold flecks of its skin and the grace of its movement. She did. She even thanked the snake before we continued our downhill journey. I saw that this interaction empowered her somehow.

The snake was certainly a marvel to behold but, what delighted me more, was my friend’s change of perspective… from fear to gratitude, from fear to power.

Have you had a significant change of perspective recently?