assistant services

Position: Part-Time Assistant
Minimum Experience: 5+ years of high-level administrative assistant employment, personal assistant work, or comparable experience


  • Ongoing maintenance of previously implemented systems
  • Task follow-up
  • Scheduling
  • Researching various topics on the Internet
  • Coordination & tracking of insurance claims
  • Implementing a unique project, such as a cross-country move
  • Helping client transition to a paperless lifestyle
  • Document formatting
  • And so forth…


  • Excellent interpersonal skills (written & oral communication is key to this role)
  • Proactive attitude & calm-under-pressure energy
  • Discreet with confidential and personal information
  • Strong project management skills and proven ability to work independently and prioritize workloads
  • A great team player
  • Great attention to task management & following up
  • Quick learner, able to follow instructions well, able to take initiative when appropriate & not afraid to acknowledge unfamiliarity with tasks or instructions
  • Strong problem-solving skills (i.e., thinks outside the box)
  • Extraordinarily detail-oriented and a quick executor of tasks
  • Thinks quickly on feet
  • Ability to independently perform research and learn new solutions
  • Proficient at a wide array of computer programs on both Mac and PC (please provide details on your proficiencies)
  • Must be an expert at document formatting (must know how to use styles, advanced outline numbering, etc.)

More about this position: The Bacana Plan has been around since 2007, sustaining a reputation of excellent service. We have grown organically over the years, but our growth has always been intentional and thoughtful. At this time, rather than going through a standard hiring process, we are looking to build our “on-deck” team. A new “on-deck” team member is someone who is a great fit for Bacana with a flexible schedule and a great attitude, someone who would be available for work when it should arise. We have no guarantees in terms of timeline. Work will happen as clients come on board. The work itself could begin as a sporadic supplement to your current work-life or it could be steady part-time employment for you. Again, the timeline for this is unknown but we are truly excited to meet fantastic “on deck” team members.

Please apply if:

  • You’ve read about our company here and it jives with you.
  • You understand that we can’t give you an exact timeline in terms of work but would be excited to be “on deck” with The Bacana Plan.
  • You want to help us grow as a company.
  • Your current full-time/part-time/freelance work life is flexible enough to allow for you to come on board with Bacana clients when the opportunity arises.

Don’t apply if:

  • You are just looking for any ol’ part-time job because you need extra money asap.

In your cover letter, please let us know if you qualify for and are interested in working in more than one service area. Also, to prove that you are a meticulous reader, please include the following sentence: The most splendid & attractive quality to me about being on deck with The Bacana Plan is [fill in the blank]. Send your resume and cover letter to jobs at