Bacana Notions is the name of our short ‘n sweet weekly blog. We aspire to have each Notion in some way capture the essence of the Bacana vision statement.

no·tion noun \ˈnō-shən\ an impression, a concept, a theory, a whim, or a belief held by a person or group

A Bacana Notion could spark a new thought or give you a grin in the middle of a long day.  It may even provide you with that helpful advice you’ve been waiting for.

a flight for prince

Some planes, instead of having window shades, have a type of glass that can be electronically dimmed & lightened. Which, in this case, makes the

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no words

“Some things just can’t be described. And stepping onto the moon was one of them.”– Buzz Aldrin When we have extraordinary experiences (or, rather, not-at-all-ordinary

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protected by a rainbow

I can’t recall if I’ve experienced being above a rainbow and looking down on it before. It kind of looks like a protective bubble over

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strangers ride

When I was a kid, I’d ride on the Louisville city bus with my grandmother. She absolutely loved it. She’d give a piece of candy

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riding by

“I think bicycling has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world. It gives women a feeling of freedom and self-reliance. I

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