Bacana is a must-have for anyone who is busy, accomplishment-focused and time-starved.  I could not run my business, my family (or my life for that matter) without their help.  I have used several different Bacana team members at different stages and for various reasons and they are all über-helpful, super-professional and smart.  Bacana is a major component of my time management strategy and life balance equation.”
– Diane, small business CEO

“You have created an extraordinary business that (1) provides me with an infrastructure similar to one of a large corporation, (2) does so with much greater care and caring for the result than would be the case in a large corporation, and (3) does so with a true conscience for giving back to the planet and to society in ways that large corporations couldn’t begin to understand.  Your services have helped enable my dreams.  Thank you!”
– Vivian, attorney, photographer, entrepreneur

“In a few words, Naomi and her staff really rock.  No nonsense, efficient, and completely professional, with spot-on judgment and integrity.”
– Michelle, attorney and entrepreneur

“I am ever grateful to The Bacana Plan for making my busy life happier and simpler.  All the things I dreaded for hours during the day were taken from me with good spirit and great speed.  Three cheers for The Bacana Plan.”
– Joyce, an actress of stage and screen

“The team at The Bacana Plan helps me to pursue my professional and personal dreams. From opening up my own law practice to writing a novel, their assistance has allowed me to lead my big and complicated life with ease.
– Natasha, a multi-career woman in Atlanta

“My life is better with Bacana!”
– Rebecca, attorney, Senior Vice President with a major media company

“You are my HERO!!!!”
– Lisa, EVP of a major television network

“THANK YOU!!!  For service above and beyond the call of duty!!  Thanks for sending in a ringer!  Bacana rules!!”
– Barbra, psychologist/psychoanalyst