Naomi Peters


Naomi Peters (Founder & President) loves the platypus. It’s an animal that is comprised of seemingly odd parts to make a unique and awesome whole. Bill like a duck, furry mammal, lays eggs, spends much time under water & some time on land, webbed feet, poison spurs (for the males), and the state animal of New South Wales, Australia.

Now let’s look at Naomi’s brain… A snapshot from high school: valedictorian, Latin club, math team, drama club, honor society, Governor’s School for biology, student council, community volunteer, not to mention all the various awards, advanced classes, and other clubs. So what are you meant to take away from this? Total geekdom, of course. But really, this is the foundation of Naomi’s brain – a deep love for language & literature, an excitement by numbers and precise details, an inner well full to the brim of the arts & creativity, an abiding enthusiasm for science & nature, a natural affinity for leadership & clarity, and a throughline of service.

Added to that foundation are decades of experience & further learning in a number of fields: organization & administrative skills, technical gadgetry & software, business strategies & structure, financial order wizardry, and a lot of teaching.

With Bacana, Naomi can let her multi-gifted self come out to play. As a self-taught “tech geek,” she has a real knack for translating complicated jargon into relatable language. As an artist and communicator, she is an outside-the-box thinker who gives practical advice with a creative flare. Having plenty of martial arts, dance training, and motorcycle riding under her belt, she has also been known to be spunky on occasion. A longtime volunteer of her time and skills, Naomi believes in giving back. A triple citizen of Australia, the US, and the UK, Naomi embraces the nomad lifestyle and is always changing time zones.

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