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tasting fortune

When I was young, a friend told me that, if I wanted the message from a fortune cookie to come true, I had to eat it. She said I had to eat both the cookie and the fortune. She instructed me to chew and swallow the little slip of paper, and so I did. It felt like I was participating in the magic.

Recently, a new friend plucked a flower from a tree and presented it to me with the instruction, “Try this.” He didn’t speak of any fortune, only of the delicious taste. But, as I lifted the beautiful flower to my mouth, I made a secret wish. (How could I not?) Once again, I participated in the magic with simple chews and a swallow.

Have you gotten any tastes of magic lately?

community profile: kimmy williams-pigliucci

We’re so pleased to introduce you to another member of our massively cool community of Bacana clients. Welcome to Kimmy Williams-Pigliucci!

Introduce yourself.
My name is Kimmy, and I am a San Francisco native. I am married to an Italian and work as an Esthetician and Health & Wellness Coach. I run a skincare clinic in my hometown called AES Acne Clinic, where I combine skincare and lifestyle coaching to help people struggling with acne get clear holistically. I also teach trauma-informed yoga in the community.

What’s something making you happy right now?
My 3 furry cat babies: Antonio, Lucilla, and Supplizio. They always make me happy!

When was the last time you surprised yourself?
I am always surprised when I cook something that is edible, but the other day I made a dish that actually tasted good!

What’s something that brings ease into your life?
I practice yoga and mindfulness which helps me tremendously. I also love a good bath with some music and lots of candles.

What’s something you’ve seen or read recently that you want to share?
I am currently reading two fantastic new books: Nurturing Resilience by Kathy Kain and Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness by David Treleaven. They both present cutting-edge information on psychology and mental health that is relevant for anyone interested in the mind-body connection.

Where can people find you?

charmed by a bee

A friend and I were relaxing on the beach when she suddenly gasped. I looked down to see that a bee had landed on my finger. Bees have always fascinated me, and I don’t recall ever being stung by one (wasps are a different story). So I remained calm and just observed the tiny creature. He ended up hanging out on my finger for ten whole minutes! Perhaps he mistook me for a flower or a sandwich. In any case, I rather enjoyed his company.

Have you befriended any insects lately?

hawaii in ice

I know the shapes aren’t quite right, but these patches of ice on the train window from Sweden to Denmark made me think about my former home in Hawaii. How’s that for worlds apart?

Where do you find reminders in potentially strange places?

up the stairs

“Never look backwards or you’ll fall down the stairs.”
– Rudyard Kipling

I’m not sure of the context of this quote, but I like to think it’s a poetic instruction for life. Saying, in short, if you live in the past, you can’t move forward.

Today on a hike, I crossed paths with a guy who (many miles away, many years ago) hurt me deeply. Each of us was hiking alone. He was heading downhill, and I was heading up. I don’t think he recognized me under my hat and sunglasses, but I definitely recognized him.

After he passed me by, it felt great not to look backwards. It felt great not to fall down those metaphoric stairs.

What do Kipling’s words mean to you?

what makes beauty?

This is Hamburg in early February 2018. To my eye, this view isn’t particularly beautiful. That said, during my brief time there, I encountered generosity of spirit, whimsy, and kindness from several people. So now, when I look at this photo, I see beauty.

Eye of the beholder and all that, no?

Where do you see beauty?

a peek at the inside

It seems like the roots of this tree are supposed to be under the earth rather than on top of it. Walking past, I felt like I got a secret glimpse of the tree’s inner workings, getting to peek inside the earth.

This tree reminded me of my grandmother’s hands. When I was a kid, she let me play with her hands and arms and elbows. I’d poke and prod them, in awe of loose skin and visible veins. I was convinced that visible veins on hands was a sure sign of strength and maturity. I’m still convinced of that. I guess I just appreciate the inner workings of things.

What do these tree roots remind you of?

snow days

When I was a young girl, I loved hot weather and didn’t particularly care for the cold. I haven’t changed into a snowbird by any stretch, but I’m perfectly fine going on a dog walk when we’ve got plenty of the white stuff these days. And I do think twice before choosing to be somewhere super hot. (My human water faucet sweat glands may have something to do with that, too.)

My favorite is far and away somewhere in the middle. A nice, comfortable, temperate climate. But it’s fascinating to me how my range of temperature enjoyment has shifted a bit to the cooler end.

I wonder what my younger self would think. She’d probably let out a completely exacerbated sigh at the idea of needing to bundle up. Too much work before going outside! My grown-up self has that thought occasionally. But my grown-up self also likes my cozy winter coat a fair bit.

Considering change is a constant, I wonder if the next shift will take me more towards winter boots or bare feet. Or maybe just some comfy socks.

What’s been a change you’ve seen that would surprise your younger self?

please rain on my parade

“Trade your expectations for appreciation and the world changes instantly.”
– Tony Robbins

Moving from the Northeast to the Southwest has shifted my relationship with precipitation. I now find rain to be a surprising and delightful phenomenon. Even an overcast sky has become a wonder.

Has anything ordinary become extraordinary for you lately?

the force of snowflakes

Here’s the thing about snow… Light and fluffy falling down, creating garlands on trees and shrubs, and big snowy drifts around your feet… But the more people walk (or sled!) over a route, or the more snow that falls on top of what’s already there, the more the bottom layers become packed and hard and eventually turn to solid ice. It’s one reason why people who live in snowy regions are constantly shoveling the driveway. You don’t want to deal with that heavy packed snow or the sheets of ice.

But there is some magic in that transformation, too. That snowflake that might have fallen on my nose or eyelashes, joined together with other snowflakes, and with a bit of added pressure, becomes part of a solid force to be reckoned with.

March on, snowflakes.